Beim Kauf sind wir darauf zu sprechen gekommen, dass wir für unser Gefährt noch einen Namen bräuchten. Spontaner Einfall des australischen Vorbesitzers: Wombat.
Bei Wombats handelt es sich um in Australien lebende höhlengrabende Pflanzenfresser mit bärenähnlichem Aussehen, so laut Wikipedia. Langsam aber beständig wühlen sie sich durchs Erdreich. Das passt zu unserem MAN…..

• Manufactured in 1984 with Military specs for Norwegian Army as display model
• Camper Conversion built in 1992/93
• Technical overhaul of the truck and redesign of camper interior in 2016
• 192 PS  – 6800ccm
• Manual Gearbox with 6-speed transfer case with low range gear reduction
• Selectable four-wheel drive
• 3 differential locks – center, rear & front
• 8T winch, hydraulic drive, including external control
• 2 diesel tanks, each 400 liter with under tank protection
• 5 x 20 litre diesel fuel canisters mounted behind roof of cab
• Construction of camper module aluminum sandwich composite panel, thickness 55 mm (comes with additional pieces of painted aluminum sheet for repairs) NB: There is a repair patch fitted to driver side, rear of cabin module.
• Entrance Door to camper module fitted with 3 way secure locking system and stainless steel door reveal
• Crawl through into cab from camper module, Height = 1300mm, with flexible bellows (bellows have small leaks). There is an aluminum door strapped onto inside back wall of front cab which can be fitted to the cab/camper internal doorway for securing access from front cab to camper module (mainly used for storing or shipping the truck when you want camper module locked off from front cab).
• Ventilation Hatch / Sun Roof in camper module roof
• Large garage storage space (under main bed) both sides accessible from outside with large lockable doors, Length = 2300mm, Width = 1200mm, Height = 1000mm
• 2 x tool lockers (storage compartments) accessible from outside with lockable doors
• Aluminum checker plate Tropical roof
• 4 solar panels 55 W Solara Brand (German-made)
• 2 solar panels 400 W Solara Brand (German-made)
• 120 liter compressor refrigerator with small freezer compartment
• additional compressor-freezer 40 liter Engel brand
• 3-burner stainless steel gas stove
• Water Tanks – total of 380 liter divided into 3 stainless steel tanks
• two separate pumps (one being spare installed pump)
• Grey Water Tank can hold 170 liter (stainless steel, heated)
• Elgena boiler, powered by 240 V, 24 V and heat exchanger from truck engine
• Thetford toilet (with spare toilet seat assembly)
• Shower size 900mm x 800mm
• Automatic thermostat controlled Truma gas heating system
• Extremely high capacity for gas heating and cooking including 2 gas tanks with a total of 134 litres, levels can be read from inside cab on display panel
• 4 KW generator (gasoline) Plus 20L can for fuel
• Control Panel showing power levels
• Battery charger 240 V with 2 loading levels
• 5000W Inverter to convert power from 24 V to 240 V